Framing Options

You have various options when choosing a print:

1   You may choose to have a “paper print” ie the painting is printed onto paper. Paper prints are normally presented in a picture frame behind glass. I never supply frames in these instances as the glass will almost certainly break on route from my studio to your home! So I would normally supply the print rolled up, and you would then take it to a picture framers to frame.

2   You may choose to have a “canvas print”. There is no extra charge for printing onto canvas, and I tend to think that most paintings look better printed onto canvas. Canvas prints are not framed behind glass and are normally presented in one of two ways:

A   BOX CANVAS – This is where the canvas is wrapped around a box section (about one inch square) and displayed on the wall “bare” ie without a picture frame. This suits some paintings more than others and also lends itself more to some wall spaces than others. For a small extra charge (see prices detailed on each individual print on this website) I can  supply your print as a box canvas.

B   FRAMED CANVAS – This is where the canvas print is framed in the traditional way inside a picture frame. I do have a picture frame that I have chosen specifically for my paintings, and can supply the print ready framed for you. Again, the prices are shown against each print. Alternatively, I can simply supply you the rolled up canvas for you to choose a picture frame at your local picture framer’s.

All prints are available in different sizes. You will notice that some of the paintings are available in larger sizes than others. This is because there is a limit to how large you can print an image of an original due to the size of the original painting, and quality would be jeopardized.

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