Helen’s thought for the day

It’s nearly my eldest daughter’s 21st birthday (Lizzie) and I’m getting all reminiscent and emotional looking back over life as I’ve been leafing through photos of her as a baby and growing up. The other day my middle daughter, Emma, thoughtfully held my face in her hands and tenderly asked “…How does it feel now that your life’s coming to an end and mine’s just beginning?!”  Ending! I was rather taken aback at impending mortality!! At least the prices of my originals would increase with my untimely demise! I don’t feel on the way out! It doesn’t matter if you’re not “yummy” mummy…more “crummy” mummy!! But the only thing “yummy” staring back at me in the mirror in a morning is the bright purple and brown hair colour that reminds me of the liquorice sweets that used to pull your fillings out!

It’s how you feel on the inside that matters. Of all the things I’ve taught my babies, children, teenagers, and now young ladies, one of the most important things in life is that it’s what’s on the inside that counts!