Glasgow Art Show

Title: Glasgow Art Show (click for details) Location: Thistle Hotel Glasgow located on Renfrew Street Link out: Click here (http://www NULL.glasgowartshow Description: March 2012 will see the birth of the Glasgow Art Show, a brand new exciting international art fair which will provide a platform in the west of Scotland for the showcasing of


My HOME GALLERY will be open at my studio in Flixton, Manchester every Monday between now and Christmas. Feel free to pop in from around 11am to 6pm any Monday…28 Western Road Flixton Manchester M41 6LF. (NB…if you can’t make this time phone me to arrange to come round at a time that suits you)

HOME ART service

We have just launched our HOME ART service where we come and advise you at your home with a range of possible paintings and frames in-situ. No obligation. Call me on 0161 747 5944 for more information. How it works is this…we have a chat on the phone, decide on the kind of paintings/prints you

…soooo funny!

I read this recently…It made me laugh so much I thought I’d share it with you: “A cleaning woman at a German museum who mistook a sculpture for an unsightly mess has destroyed the valuable artwork beyond recognition. The cleaner at the city’s Ostwall Museum went to work on the Martin Kippenberger installation entitled “When

Just returned from Art in the Gardens…what a fantastic show! And my prediction of Hot and Sunny weather was almost correct!! We did have hot and sunny on the Saturday, but Sunday was a little wet at times (although my husband kept on saying it was only sea mist!!) Here’s some photos, the good photos

Helen’s thought for the day

It’s nearly my eldest daughter’s 21st birthday (Lizzie) and I’m getting all reminiscent and emotional looking back over life as I’ve been leafing through photos of her as a baby and growing up. The other day my middle daughter, Emma, thoughtfully held my face in her hands and tenderly asked “…How does it feel now


I did promise you some paintings of Rome, but unfortunately when I went on my reference finding trip on a cruise visiting various lovely cities on the med, I got food poisoning and was confined to my cabin the day I was meant to in Rome! Simon, my poor, long-suffering husband also had to stay