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I have about 150 signed prints to choose from on this website which can be ordered to different sizes. If you are interested in any of the originals on the website please send me an email (studio@helenparsley.com) or phone me (0161 747 5944) to discuss.




· March 16-17 Surrey Contemporary Art Fair Sandown Race Course
https://contemporaryartfairs.co.uk/surrey-2/ (https://contemporaryartfairs NULL.co NULL.uk/surrey-2/?fbclid=IwAR3mx36NmEphrrO52UojHtfBvrw61c8Ohs52PTYBgA7b9e_z--T8M6fQDxQ)

· May 11-12 Newbury Contemporary Art Fair
https://contemporaryartfairs.co.uk/newbury-2/ (https://l NULL.facebook NULL.com/l NULL.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcontemporaryartfairs NULL.co NULL.uk%2Fnewbury-2%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR3ZK3VyeJu703-x6XKnLMnNMYKrlvnlT92lznquzTeJJsjGk_DLU8caZb4&h=AT2AKkbnncx5iydqeiz1lmXGffDRR5Gy_T_gx1L3uIHWLEwGLvxNaum1LnN-fP33SY2RK7hooxzNy094Y-4d0bEkQeNJK0HiwUDndeXtiCaAwEDm_4TykSlY871uz6be_RNO3JotvsehoVgCYu_e71Hwrc_h4MT35edLGZhYcumPGH7tHDmam22RuNbCWeDSgnlhM1jlSTTh-YqRJdkFuznNQiYnmI63H4ykaXSWbG_VWBcGzpeRM_QsbFmWWiXAM5ezGCPEAzFpiMTCySlX2vULnjj2qQyOeIznkIRGXp_tyk_uhLPsb93zz3ZuEUOfe-VHk88URxBuKSssOk1uQxm9XKP8Dh5OMF95RhGFkcz8VYqPv3mk8YosCrlsebGO7obh_0aV02Yu__13XVZZJQBPvCppBeAUXyGIGKLjy49srnqN4fiGCF8MPjmbZMcjegH8tZQf-9oQyYZGHNIZJYRwzvs_t7Ci1v8H-WKYorMc6iRDhvwKIlzK6Fqc-MqhjTn5RQn7cRHkOTTffLaIswkWGZP8vizqkgGT9sdOo2ITy_5FFWFbKCYJbtbmT1E8TufbvFVxa_8PGY_HzHt0rp4A2bokIqgVOhWIbc9NVw)

· July 11-14 Patchings Art Festival, Nottinghamshire
https://www.patchingsartcentre.co.uk/patchings-festival/ (https://www NULL.patchingsartcentre NULL.co NULL.uk/patchings-festival/?fbclid=IwAR0E13bQnf2JjPvUaduT18ZkfEyyAniAqE3wtubY3S5iktLW3Nu8Ytyahb0)

· July 17-21 Tatton Flower Show
https://www.rhs.org.uk/shows-ev…/rhs-flower-show-tatton-park (https://www NULL.rhs NULL.org NULL.uk/shows-events/rhs-flower-show-tatton-park?fbclid=IwAR0N3oTtbYKv666hZDWefp6OSGwsuDaZrzcyhknPFLCsKdmT6uzKvkUmQGA)

· September 7-8 Art in the Gardens Sheffield
http://www.welcometosheffield.co.uk/…/ev…/art-in-the-gardens (http://www NULL.welcometosheffield NULL.co NULL.uk/visit/events/art-in-the-gardens?fbclid=IwAR0n0X8WiO0MK0G8Q_Ta1D-1yEXvb5i5pM8frTindltAn1xe4HuKG9wjDyw)

Drop me a line by email (studio@helenparsley.com) or on here if you would like any more information on these exhibitions, or if you would like tickets to the preview nights!… I usually have tickets available. They are all quite large exhibitions featuring many other artists.

New Artwork!!!!

I am in the process of adding some new artwork to the website…here’s a taster! Go to “Originals” section. More to follow!

I am so excited – I’ve just booked to go to Florence, Rome and Venice later in the year! I will go armed with my sketchbook and camera!

Watch this space






I am so rubbish at updating my website!

Please forgive me…I am an artist, not a computer geek!…so it has been quite a while since I updated things. But I am going to have a concerted effort over the next few days.


I have recently exhibited in Bath and Reading. My next shows are:

Patchings Art Festival:  July 12th-16th 2017…lots of things to see and art classes too! Al crafts and artwork are to a very high standard. www.patchingsartcentre.co.uk/patchings-festival

Tatton Flower Show (Cheshire): 19th (RHS members only) 20th- 23rd July 2017 (everyone welcome)..I will be exhibiting in the “Country Living Marquee. The weather always seems to be good for this exhibition! The show grows each year…a huge day out!

Art in the Gardens (Sheffield): 1st-3rd September 2017 (1st in Friday night preview) My favourite show of the year in my home town!

Windsor Contemporary Art Fair 10th-12th November 2017 (10th is Friday night preview…ask me for a free ticket!) This is a “just artwork and sculpture” show attracting top artists from around the country.

8 inch square box canvas £40

Last year I launched the “collectable” range of signed prints on an 8 inch box canvas format for the teacup range of paintings, complete with hanging ribbon. I have extended the collectable range to include some venice paintings and also some landscape paintings. If you would like to purchase one of these little beauties, simply email me at studio@helenparsley.com and I will send one out to you in the post. Simply send a cheque for £40 (which includes £5 postage) and I will post it out to you.

Donations to Charities

10% of profits raised through the sale of Helen Parsley paintings is donated to charities. Over the last 5 years we have been privileged to support:

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice (via “Cue Ball” )

Project Caleb, working with young people coming out of prison

The Message Trust, working in the 4% most deprived areas of Britain (Over £1,000 donated following a special 50% gift to The Message Exhibition at my home last year)

River of Life orphanage, school and church in Uganda

Aids Link International

Nefarious, anti human traficing

Life Association, working with Dalets in India

Kibera School in Kenya

Mentioned on Readings blog

Helen Parsley Stand 30 RCAF A Yorkshire woman born and bred, although a Lancastrian by adoption, Helen Parsley has deep roots in Sheffield. From early childhood she had ambitions to become an artist and spent every spare minute drawing and painting. Helen is glad she did not follow the advice of her career officer at school, who said there were no openings for an artist in Sheffield and suggested that she took up window dressing as an outlet for her artistic bent. … read more (http://www NULL.readingcontemporaryartfair NULL.co NULL.uk/#/contemporary-art-fair-blog/4574349147/Featured-Artist-Helen-Parsley/5471812)



Location: Reading
Link out: Click here (http://www NULL.readingcontemporaryartfair NULL.co NULL.uk/)
Description: I’ve done this exhibition quite a few times and its a really nice exhibition. There’s a wide variety of top quality artists and its a really well ran show.
I will be showing all my new things and some of the usual things of course!
It would be lovely if you can pop down for a chat and a look!
Helen X
Date: 2013/04/27


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helen    X

Found my old school reports out…

School report!School report























First of all I want to apologise to miss Forsyth, For nearly causing a mental breakdown. What I was only six At the time. I remember she used to bring her little Bedlington terrier into school, that used to wander around under the tables like a little wooly lamb. Actually i’m just the same as I was back then! But I think I am actually going to grow out of this phase, don’t worry Miss Forsyth, I’m going to be okay.

Helen x