60 Second Interview with Helen

What is your favorite holiday destination? I’ve not traveled an awful lot, but Egypt and Machu Picchu are on my to do list!! Maybe a an odd Maya Temple thrown in!

What’s your biggest extravagance? I’m a bit of a Yorkshire woman at heart, so an extravagance to me would be a two for one orange cinema ticket and a big mac!…Oh, I did recently buy some gorgeous purple and gold velvet shoes for my preview night…that said, they were discounted!!

Favorite car and why? I’m not really into cars, or wasn’t until we bought our little Fiat 500…it’s like a giant mint imperial you just want to suck!

Favorite movie and why? Shrek! …all my best quotes are from Shrek eg Working hard, hardly working!

If there was a film about you who would you like to play you? Princess Fiona, no just kidding. Ermmmm … the Grinch!

If you could change one thing about you, what would it be? Okay, being serious for once, I would have to say a new right arm – I have had one operation on my elbow, and now have repetitive strain in my wrist. Aaaag! …mind you, what if it needed 25 years teaching on painting?!…or what if it was an anarchic arm?! …no, I’ll keep my old one thanks!

If you were Prime Minister what would you change? I would introduce a “Room 101” and put in it: mascara adverts, jazz music and stretched limos!

When you were younger what did you want to be? 1st place a farmers wife, 2nd place an artist…I’m rather glad I didn’t meet any handsome farmers as this would have meant getting up even earlier than I have to sometimes to get the gorgeous sunrise photo reference!

Do you have any idols and why do you aspire to them? Atkinson Grimshaw, one of my favorite artists, and a Yorkshire-man too! Also, when I worked as a book illustrator, Norman Rockwell’s work really influenced me. I even visited his home town near Boston. I also really like John Singer Sergent’s work…he does magical things with velvet and satin! Oh, and also Whistler and Turner’s work is truly awesome, especially Whistler’s nocturne paintings.

What is your favorite sport? Sport? …what’s that? …I’m really not very competitive. I just like walking my dogs!…oh, that said, I was recently in a gokart and underwent a character change!!

What’s your favorite food? Mmmm this is a hard one. I love food! The spicier the better – Thai, Indian, Persian…lovely!

What’s you favorite drink? I can’t remember the name of it, but I had a lovely cocktail in the Hilton made of coconut and chilli! ..sounds revolting but tastes delish!

Where do you hope to be in ten years time? Stroking my beautiful greyhound and whippet, sipping a glass of the above-mentioned drink, watching Shrek!